Digora Tribe

The Digora Tribe is a band of less advanced people. They live in the unmapped lands north of Ironwood Reach. Their history is unclear since they cannot read or write, so everything is passed down in the form of stories.

They live mostly in caves, and follow herds of animals around as that is their primary source of food. Their bodies have adapted to not need to eat as much as a normal human would.

Digora people are generally taller than a human and be identified by their white (sometimes translucent) skin, they generally have light colored hair and and dark colored eyes.

The people from here all speak slowly with deep voices. Their language was at one time common, but has now branched off, losing some words while also gaining some new ones. Communication is difficult, but possible.

They hold a religion that believes each person should find their Aul.

They also are the only people on earth that know how to create Lignum-Fa.

Digora Tribe

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