Ironwood Reach

Recreating Characters

Hello All,
Its time to pick this adventure back up now that are schedules have aligned. Please create level 3 characters and have them to me by this Friday. On Friday, I will set a date & time for our first meeting.

We also have a new player. All-in-all we have a Paladin, Rogue, Mage & Monk.

Session 2 (loot)
You can has bucket.


  • 1,350 exp


  • 14 gold
  • 2 Casks of Wine (Ian has it)
  • 3 days worth of dried wolf meat
  • “Magical” rapier (Ian has it)
  • “Magical” cloak (David has it)
  • Herbology set & magic books (Anthony has it)

Loot for David:

  • The mayor gave you A Wagon and loaded your anvil into it, and enough clay to make a few molds for making ingots in the future.
Session 2
Ale Party, a Beard, and fire.

In this last session, we headed back to Riverwood with sorrow in our hearts, for we had not found who stole from the warehouse, IAN’S CHARACTER NAME decided to lift spirits by throwing the entire town a party, and served up some wolf meat we had slain on the road.

Meanwhile Damocles & Ramz spied on Francis Thomson as he counted the grain in the warehouse, and noticed that after he was done counting, some of the grain was vanishing, being summoned to the south-west side of town. At this time, Ramz noticed his house was on fire and ran to put it out.

A short while later Damocles & Ramz confronted Francis Thomson, telling him that someone was using magic to steal from the town. Damocles went to the party and Ramz returned to his house for the night, but was waylaid on his way by a small pack of wolves, combat ensued and Meril Surefoot appeared and burnt off Ramz’s sexy beard, as she was the one summoning the wolves & stealing from the warehouse.

A few heartbeats later, the party was all together in the fight, a man named Nathan Warwick surprised the party by attackin them, as he was in league with Meril.

Combat ended and Nathan Warwick killed himself out of shame. Meril Surefoot was exiled from town.

The party looted a chemistry set, an enchanted rapier, and a cloak.

They also received some gold as compensation & thanks from the town.

Next Meeting
When we get together & nerd out for the second time!

Hail Adventurers,
Hear me, for I proclaim that we shall meet on the 8th, and then 2 weeks later on the 22nd! For it is convenient for me to choose that day, since its when I get paid, so its already on my calendar!

If you cannot attend, let me know via email or chat or call me or whatever works

Session 1
First Session

In this meeting, we met Jerold Buckberry, a youthful halfling in search of adventure, and whatever has been taking supplies from his beloved Riverwood, he gathers the party together and leads the group around Riverwood talking to the cityfolk and eventually got us into a rough & tumble fight with a pack of Goblins, who didn’t even have what we were looking for.

Overall, I think it went well. Please feel free to give me feedback (what you liked, what you didn’t like) & I’ll try to do more of what you like & less of what you don’t like.

After those two wolves, and the goblins, the party is now sitting at 300exp. (60 from wolves, 140 from goblins, and 100 from generic out of combat stuff). Note: There will be a bonus when the quest you’re on right now is completed.

For your group, a “Tough” encounter would be worth 180 exp, so the goblins were right up there with a challenging, but not impossible fight (on a side-note, you outnumbered 2 to 1, which also increases the difficulty).

Building Characters
Build them now!

Okay group, its time to get some stuff set in stone. Our first meet up will be on January 18th, starting at 4pm (depending on what I hear back from you guys), we’ll be creating (or finalizing) all characters.

We’ll be meeting at my townhouse (if you need directions let me know, but I think you all know the way except Dave & I’m picking him up from Sam’s).

I’d like everyone to be here for building the characters so that you can all bounce ideas off each other, and see how your characters would interact together.

Please contact me if the 18th will not work for you.

Creating your Backstories
Get ready to RP

You may create your back stories using any information from this wiki, or create your own stuff you would want to add to the wiki (areas in the the world, organizations, etc—), just run it by me before adding it to the wiki yourself (if you guys have that power, I’m not sure if you do, let me know).

The common gathering point is that you all decide to answer a post (you found the post located either on the wall of a tavern or shop of some sort) from a person named “Jerold”, who’s post was requesting “Fellow Adventurers to aid in locating stolen goods” (you may invent what it actually said, but that’s the jist of the post)


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