The majestic Riverwood is the northernmost village that lies along Euron’s River. It is known as a village of farmers and fishermen. It is populated by humans and Halflings, with a few small families of Hill Dwarves living on the outskirts of town, and a small sect of Wood Elves known as the Elder Marked living in the forest nearby that are known to visit town for various reasons.

Due to its varying races and its distance from most other civilization, Riverwood is the most culturally accepting village in Ironwood Reach. Everyone tends to get along as long as no one is breaking the laws or disturbing the peace.

Riverwood is ruled by Harris Tondon, an honorable man who’s ancestors watched over these lands for centuries, both as rulers and as great defenders. In the past, Harris won the trust of the Elder Marked when he assisted them by giving them food when their sect started to die due to starvation.

Homes in Riverwood line the shore of Euron’s River, and are interspersed through the countryside by larger farms. The majority community activities are done between these two sections of the village.

Locations in Riverwood

Organizations in Riverwood


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