Methow is nestled at the northern base of Erudine Mountain, along side Euron’s River.

Being the village in the Gand Kingdom located closest to Elmore City, this town is packed with commerce and tradesmen. A few number of guilds have setup housing here, along with a few small noble families who specialize in trade goods, overseeing their local operations.

Methow is also known by many nobles as the most relaxing destination in Gand Kingdom, if you have the coin for it. This is due mostly to the beautiful Bren Manor.

There are also two temples in this town, one to Mowri and one to Apsalar.

Places in Methow

  • The Docks
  • Temple of Mowri
  • Temple of Apsalar
  • Bren Manor
  • Blacksmithing Guild House
  • Jeweler Guild House
  • Painter Guild House


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