Kirthi Trio

The Kirthi Trio is an ancient organization, made of up 3 famous members, Endune, Ferowin, and Pegor. The three heroes were travelers from various parts of the continent, and settled in Ironwood Reach years before forming the trio.

The Kirthi Trio was originally formed to stop Tyramok from destroying his own nation, in the end they slayed Tyramok.

Balic Nej

A Human Paladin of Fener, known for bringing protection and healing to the suffering of people Ironwood Reach.

Ferowin Longtrail

An Elven Ranger, personally famous for creating the Oasis near Derogwai.

Degor Stoneback

A Dwarven Hero, known for commanding to the Thordin army, his weapon was an oversize hammer.

Kirthi Trio

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