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Ironwood Reach is the West North-West a region of the Avallo Continent, and holds two kingdoms, the Elmore Kingdom and the Gand Kingdom. Elmore Kingdom is ruled by high elves, while the Gand Kingdom is ruled mostly by Humans and Halflings. That being said, neither side is racist towards anybody.

Before the kingdoms existed, it was ruled by Tyramok until the Kirthi Trio killed him.

While the rest of the world tends to view the Ironwood Reach as an unimportant region, it has a place in your heart that can only be called home. The Deities of Ironwood Reach are not the same as they are throughout the rest of the world, mainly to the east they worship spirits rather than deities, and a few exceptions here and there.

In this campaign, your adventure starts as you find a notice asking for help on an adventure and directing you to the Roving Herd.

Main Page

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