Jerold Buckberry

A Spry Halfling Rogue


He is small for a halfling, but very quick. He lives in Riverwood and has a love for adventure. He can often be found in the Roving Herd, a tavern in Riverwood.

If pressed into combat, he either uses two hatchet or his short bow, although for the most part he tries to avoid combat when he can.


Jerold grew up in Riverwood, his parents died of a sickness when he was very run, and so he was raised by his grandparents in their small house on the edge of town. He worked for them gathering lumber from the nearby forest.

Jerold has always aspired to be a great adventurer, and he used to make up stories with his grandfather about fantasy adventures they went on. A few years ago his grandfather passed away, which hit him hard, he stopped talking about adventure until just last year when his grandmother passed away, he started saying how he was going to do something with his life to impress his grandfather.

Now Jerold has heard rumors of food being stolen from Riverwood and decided to put an end to it, while starting his career as a grand adventurer.

Jerold Buckberry

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